Butch Hayes Presenting on Corporate Trade Secret Protections in Texas

By Weisbart Springer Hayes

Butch Hayes of Weisbart Springer Hayes is presenting his perspectives on the litigation of trade secret theft cases, and the related changes in Texas law, at a series of continuing legal education courses for civil litigators through the State Bar of Texas.

In a presentation that serves as a “Guide to Misappropriation of Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition Claims,” Mr. Hayes is joined by Chad Pinson, Managing Director at the Dallas office of Stroz Friedberg, a group specializing in computer forensic examination.  The presentation combines practical litigation advice with the realities of recovering electronic evidence connected with trade secret theft, an area of litigation that has dramatically increased in recent years.

“It has been estimated that nearly 60 percent of employees who quit a job or are terminated leave their employer with something they shouldn’t,” says Mr. Hayes. “This happens in a range of ways, but with the portability of electronic information coupled with the frequency with which employees move between competitors, there can be serious legal consequences and considerations for both employee and employer.”

Following the initial presentation during the State Bar’s Advanced Civil Trial Course in San Antonio in late July, additional sessions are scheduled for Dallas in late August and Houston in late October.

Mr. Hayes notes that the subject is particularly timely as the Texas Legislature passed the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act during the 2013 regular session. The Act, which takes effect on Sept. 1, clarifies certain issues in this area of the law that the common law did not directly address.

“The new law makes it clear that injunctive relief may be available where another’s trade secrets are used, or where use is merely threatened,” says Mr. Hayes. “There is increased liability exposure for individuals and businesses in Texas, and it’s important for attorneys to understand these changes, whether they typically represent plaintiffs or defendants in these matters.”

A complete copy of the presentation can be downloaded by clicking here.

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