Weisbart Springer Hayes Hosts Well-Known Cross-Examination Coach Robert Musante

By Weisbart Springer Hayes

In a continuing effort to be one of the most talented and qualified law firms in Texas, Weisbart Springer Hayes recently hosted famed deposition and cross-examination coach Robert Musante for a daylong seminar and teaching session on trial preparation techniques. Mr. Musante geared the in-house training toward sharpening the critical skills in taking successful depositions and winning cross-examinations at trial.

Mr. Musante is a nationally-renowned instructor on how to effectively depose and cross-examine even the toughest witnesses. He believes that depositions are an integral part of laying the groundwork for a favorable trial outcome, and should be conducted with an eye toward winning the deposition and the case.

“We have taken a dedicated approach to our training because we know it matters,” says firm co-founder Geoff Weisbart. “So far this year, we have tried three cases to juries, resulting in two big wins. The third did not go to verdict because the parties resolved the case mid-way through the trial. We owe our success to not only our hard work and great clients, but to being as well-trained, sharp and practiced as we can be.”

Weisbart Springer Hayes continues to enhance the firm’s talent by reviewing past practices and receiving great coaching for the future. The firm’s work ethic and commitment to providing quality service contributes to an ongoing record of success.

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