Higher Education Litigation

Colleges and universities, college administrators, professors, athletic directors, coaches and even students are increasingly facing the complex issues of investigations and litigation claims involving a whole host of issues. The number of Title IX enforcement actions against colleges, universities and school districts continues to grow, as do allegations of assault, harassment and discrimination among students, faculty members, administrators and coaches. We represent some of the largest institutions, high-profile university employees and students in a range of sensitive and complex matters.  Our experience in civil litigation, employment claims and regulatory disputes has led to our key roles in guiding and defending clients in this complex and controversial area.

This work has involved:

  • Representation of collegiate and faculty tenure committees facing difficult investigatory decisions
  • Representation of colleges and universities involved in complex litigation and investigations related to contractual disputes, student complaints, tenure decisions, Title VII and Title IX complaints, FERPA compliance and OCR complaints
  • Representation of collegiate athletic directors and high-profile coaches involved in complex disputes involving a multitude of issues
  • Representation of individuals bringing a Title IX complaint and individuals accused under such a complaint

For each case we offer a deep knowledge of the law, vast experience in handling actual cases involving serious issues, and a sensitivity to the needs of each person or institution affected by them.  We believe that few firms have the broad experience we do in handling the unpredictable and sometimes very public disputes that can arise with higher-education-related clients.