Commercial and Business Litigation

Resolving business-related disputes is the focus of our firm and forms the core of our collective experience. Conflicts between business interests are an unfortunate reality, and we carefully consider all the operational implications for our clients in gathering information, pursuing litigation and ultimately preparing for trial.

Because we take this broad and strategic perspective, companies of all sizes and industries view us as trusted advisors in handling, and winning, sophisticated business litigation in state, federal and appellate courts.

Our experience includes:

  • Handling numerous shareholder derivative suits on behalf of publicly-traded and private corporations.
  • Prosecuting and defending minority shareholder oppression and entire fairness claims.
  • Prosecuting and defending officer, director and partner fiduciary duty claims.
  • Successfully representing various public and private companies, including Fortune 100 corporations, in multi-party matters.
  • Representing publicly-traded corporations in multiple licensing and patent infringement claims.
  • Advocating for public and private companies involved in trade secret claims, commercial and stock-related disputes, and officer and director litigation.
  • Securing damages for a wide range of contractual, trade secret and business interruption claims.
  • Trade secret protection, with an emphasis on emergency and injunctive relief cases.
  • Employee raiding and anti-competition litigation.
  • Representing and defending against internet disparagement claims.
  • Representing partners in partnership dispute and dissolution cases.
  • Representing and defending against minority interest and oppression claims.
  • Representing and defending antitrust and monopoly claims.